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This worksheet helps students analyze primary source documents from the Iran-Contra Affair

Many leaders were educators; however, business people also played a role

CIVIL RIGHTS ADVOCATES: Between 1877 and 1918, many significant changes in civil rights took place in Georgia

Annotated Map of the Civil War Next week, we will be learning about the South’s economy and people before the Civil War by reading and completing the graphic organizer notetaking sheet and Venn Diagram

World War I Ends World War I Exam Culture and the Harlem Renaissance Louis Armstrong, Langston Hughes, and Babe Ruth Roaring Twenties Exam Graphic Organizer PDF - Lesson 7 - Culture and the Harlem Renaissance - The Twentieth Century Way Unit PowerPoint -Lesson 7 - Culture and the Harlem Renaissance - The Twentieth Century Way Graphic Organizer 2: Issue 2: World War II — Life in the U

Pizarro was a Spanish conquistador and distant cousin of Hernan Cortés

Smithsonian educational materials emphasize inquiry-based learning with primary sources and museum collections

Japanese War, Russia’s involvement in World War I revealed the weaknesses of czarist rule and military leadership

Birthdate, location Early Life Significance to the Civil War Obstacles Personality Traits Interesting Facts Biography Graphic Organizer Historical Figure: The Civil War GRAPHIC ORGANIZER: POSSIBLE SOLUTION Civil War Battles Complete the graphic organizer by listing the name and approximate location of important victories for the Union and Confederate armies for each month and year indicated

org 30 minutes Thursday’s Math Review Click on the blue links to open the documents

You can & should use the graphic organizers as you take notes and to review (e

1940 – 1945 Instructions: Match the political cartoon with the appropriate description

Missouri Compromise) • Economic differences −South –needed slaves −North –want to end slavery Emancipation Proclamation • During the Civil War, Lincoln freed all the slaves in states that were rebelling Print the PDF: Civil War Coloring Page Students of all ages can use the coloring pages to illustrate a notebook or lap book depicting facts they've learned about the Civil War

b Analyze critical events and battles of the Civil War and determine how they contributed to s/MiddleSchool/ms1-CompromiseOf1850

Materials Expository text War Graphic Organizer and completion of the flashcards

(C, G, P) During Radical Reconstruction, after the Civil War, an agency was established by the federal government to help poor white folks and newly freed black people whose homes were destroyed or families were separated

Students Graphic Organizer (Sectionalism & Causes of the Civil War)

Attachment D: See Attachment C: PDF- Cartoon Analysis Worksheet Below  during the Civil War, to heroic Medal of Honor recipients and diverse service men and women of the 15

(CE) Contrast the economies of the North and South prior to the Civil War

Five W's Chart Fill in each row with details that answer the question

Lee, commander of the Confederate Army, surrendered to General Ulysses S

Infer how the A holiday’s meaning changes by looking at how it has been observed over the last 150 years

Texas & the Civil War [Newspaper articles] Graphic Organizer [PDF] Puzzles & Games Word search ; Preparatory Resources

No casualties on either side raised false hopes for a quick war

Battle Location & Date Leaders- North and South Notes on the Battle Victor/Aftermath Fort Sumter Charleston County, o Policies & Issues Leading to the Civil War Graphic Organizer – Since there is a significant amount of content students need to understand from the lesson, the organizer is filled out with Video Viewing Graphic Organizer #1 “Traitors and Patriots” Directions: As indicated, some of the entries on the graphic organizer are to be completed individually and others are for discussion in small group

Use the Venn Diagram feature to compare and contrast Civil War times to the present, use the flow chart to help students visualize the flow of events leading up to and through available, an additional organizer suitable for each big-picture skill is introduced briefly at the end of each lesson

When the war ended, African-American veterans re-entered a society that was changing dramatically

But Organizing Complete a graphic organizer similar to the one below to explain how each listed piece of legisla-tion affected African Americans

) conclusion of the Civil War in April 1865, approximately 10% of the Union Army was African American

Make  in the time period following the Civil War and Reconstruction, and will continue through the modern era, https://assets

To help your students analyze these primary sources, get a graphic organizer and guides :

The Mexican-American War and Intro to the Civil War Quiz Throughout the unit, students will use primary and secondary sources, such as Civil War songs, the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, and an excerpt from the historical novel The Last Full Measure by Jeff Shaara

Identify differences in the North and South’s resources in the early 1860’s

Closing Uniforms of the Civil War —7th Grade Lesson—Comparing Soldier Uniforms & Experiences Handout

Afterward, you will have the opportunity to work as an expert in a group to discuss the causes and outcomes conflict in Cuba and its role in the larger Precursor or a “mini” civil war in Kansas The act repealed the Missouri Compromise and made it possible for slavery to be allowed above the 36° 30° parallel (Senator Stephen Douglas believed in the ability of the states to decide if they would be slave or free, known as popular sovereignty)

The student understands how events and issues shaped the history of Texas during the Civil War and Reconstruction

Start here for historical context, teaching suggestions, links to online resources, and more: Civil War Music Teacher's Guide (PDF, 1 MB)

The lesson plans are supplemented online with a variety of additional resources

Making a Foldable gives students a fast, kinesthetic activity that helps them organize and retain infor-mation

Central Idea: Finding and Evaluating Supporting Details (CCSS R

Simply photocopy and distribute the section on each graphic organizer

We urge all Americans to on the Graphics/Media link on the left

Sep 07, 2010 · Selection File type icon File name Description Size Revision Time User Events Leading to Civil War Graphic Organizer or Worksheet You are in the right place about American History classroom Here we offer you the most beautifu Browse over 930 educational resources created by Instructomania with Mr and Mrs P in the official Teachers Pay Teachers store

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include the French and Indian War (Seven Years War), Proclamation of 1763, Stamp Act, Intolerable Acts, and • Print the Road to Revolution graphic organizer for Name: _____ Anti-Vietnam War Graphic Organizer Document A: Martin Luther King Jr

Students will then find quotes from each document that best describe each personality’s point of view

Cavaliers Instead of using the printable graphic organizer, use an online tool such a Creately, reviewed here, to create diagrams, mindmaps, and other visual graphic organizers

When was this speech delivered? Who was he speaking to? speech that he gave on April 4,1967 at a meeting of Clergy and Laity Concerned at Riverside Church In New York City

Compare similar and different details between two different topics by using a graphic organizer (e

Students will complete the first graphic organizer with their notes and the sources to list the goals of each personality

Note-taking research organizer for group to document their findings (see below)

1850 o Video Viewing Graphic Organizer “Traitors and Patriots” o Becoming a Civil War Letter Writing Correspondent Standards National Standards for History, National Center for History in the Schools Era 5: The course and character of the Civil War and its effects on the American people Using Graphic Organizers 5—6 Name: Causes of the Civil War Graphic Organizer Date: Causes of the Civil War Compare Contrast Chart Directions: Use the chart below to compare and contrast the North and the South during the time of the Civil War

Primary source materials relating to the Civil War for teachers from the Library of Congress

x Identify underlying and immediate causes of the American Civil War

As your students are reading, it’s possible that they may need to use graphic organizers to help them find the main idea

Created Date: 11/30/2000 9:05:37 PM Advantages of the North and South Experiential Exercise Created by Jennifer Casey Materials: rope, duct tape, blue and gray fabric strips, bandana, Civil War Tug-of-War graphic organizer for notes TEKS: 7

xls An excel spreadsheet and pie chart of slave ownership in 1860

2 KB] SIOP® Causes of Civil War Lesson Plan Grade/Class/Subject: 5th grade Social Studies Unit/Theme: Civil War-Gettysburg Address Standards: GLE: Identify political, economical and social causes and consequences of the Civil War and Reconstruction Content Objective(s): After instruction students will be able to identify the Freedom Now: The Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi ric rnir 38 TR T HE I C ES ROGRAM fi B ROWN II T Y E P AR T MEN T OF H I T ORY fi WWW

The Onset of the Civil War The North’s Advantages over the South What were 2 Southern advantages? Leadership Characteristics of the North Leadership Characteristics of the South The North’s Strategy in Fighting The South’s Strategy in Fighting Beginnings of the Civil War Graphic Organizer May 12, 2016 · Facebook Twitter Pinterest Does your child struggle with creative writing? A graphic organizer may help! The boxes help your child to create the main elements of a story

HRW material copyrighted under notice appearing earlier in this work

You will place the cause on the map using a picture box similar to the one included below

This activity has become one our best sellers! This assignment can be used with the Events Leading  World War II Timeline Worksheet - Free to print (PDF file)

Introduction: Review that Reconstruction was the period between 1865 and 1877, when the nation tried to rebuild itself after the Civil War

1 Compare and contrast the myth of the Antebellum South to the realities of the region including the harshness of slavery, increased immigration to urban areas, and growth of railroads

Directions: Around the room are descriptions of the major battles that occurred during the Civil War

Start studying Unit 5 Graphic Organizer: Civil War(review questions)

Make one additional copy of each Graphic Organizer for each station

Almost immediately, The American Civil War Unit Vicksburg & Gettysburg Address – Graphic Notes Organizer #7 Companion to PowerPoint presentation #7 Cause and Effect Graphic Organizer 1 Compare/Contrast Graphic Organizer 2 Concept Definition Map Graphic Organizer 3 Drawing Conclusions Graphic Organizer 4 Identifying Author’s Purpose Graphic Organizer 5 Main Idea and Supporting Details Graphic Organizer 6 Making Inferences Graphic Organizer 7 Summarizing Graphic Organizer 8 Materials created by New Visions are shareable under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4

and delivered Prior to Civil War Students summarize the events leading up to the Civil War

4) Turn in graphic organizer on google classroom Events Leading to Civil War Graphic Organizer or Worksheet

x Organize researched information into a “Causes of the Civil War Graphic Organizer

The homework site for teachers! English Civil War: PowerPoint: English Civil War ; Graphic Organizer (printed on 11x17) (PDF or Word) Primary Sources; Review Game: Who Wants to be a Millionaire? English Civil War Jeopardy; Videos: Horrible Histories: Roundheads v

The Civil War was the bloodiest conflict in American history

Battle Location Leaders- North and South Notes on the Battle Winner/Significance Fort Sumter April 12, 1861 Charleston Causes of the Civil War Graphic Organizer ActivitySectionalism, Slavery, States' Rights, SecessionEvents Leading Up to the Civil War Graphic Organizer Activity Events include:• U

In addition to the sacrifices of those in the military, the war Origins of the Cold War Graphic Organizer

Students will complete a graphic organizer comparing the goals of each individual following the Civil War

pdf PDF file of outline map of the United States Worksheets, learning resources, and math practice sheets for teachers to print

Historical Background : The American Civil War (1861 to 1865) sent our country into a national crisis that UNIT 7 CLASS SCHEDULE - Click the link for the class schedule UNIT 7 STUDY GUIDE unit_7_classwork_packet

Quotes on Freed Slaves: File Size: 80 kb: File Type: pdf: Graphic Organizer Nov 04, 2019 · A graphic organizer for introducing the Civil War through sources

Student understanding of the text will be determined during classroom discussion and by examining the graphic organizers completed by the students

E DU Perspectives: Graphic Organizer Instructions: As you prepare your presentation, fill in the row that corresponds to your assigned perspective group

Major Battles of the Civil War Step Two: Compare the sample chart on John Brown’s raid to the advance organizer (outline on John Brown’s raid) based on the chart

2), for this one specific image (one for each category for a total of seven

You might want to look at it, too, and consider which form, outline or graphic, you think would work better for most students

mov Civil War Unit - Lesson 6 - Civil War Battles - Fort Sumter Video Clip Civil War Unit - Lesson 6 - Civil War Battles - Newspaper Activity PC Civil War Unit - Lesson 6 The Gettysburg Address: Text & Organizer That's just what the Gettysburg Address did

His first two expeditions to conquer the Inca Empire failed due to lack of resources and hostilities of the Inca

Was the Battle of Mine Creek important to the outcome of the Civil War? of Mine Creek card and two copies of the Mapping Price's Raid graphic organizer

Battle Location Leaders- North and South Notes on the Battle Winner/Significance Fort Sumter April 12, 1861 - - aansleyportfolio

Then students must analyze the reading further for information that demonstrates or supports that main idea

pdf Week 3 Notes and Handouts Causes of Civil War Notes 9/21 The Worlds of North and South

For the Key people, make sure you include their significance

Finish by asking, “Why do you think the  5 Jun 2014 (2014) The Civil War: A High-Tech War for its Time

From there, he hoped to rally his discouraged troops to victory

of Morehouse College & Atlanta Univ • Committed to public education, equal housings/ job opportunities for blacks • Supported full civil rights for blacks in a time when they were supposed to accept www

Sep 25, 2013 · 8 tasty graphic organizers for primary sources by glennw on September 25, 2013 Deb Brown , a good friend from the Shawnee Mission, Kansas district, shared a statement with me several years ago and it’s rattled around in my head ever since

In addition there are a handful of extra source information that may help expand on information from class or your text (e

Civil War worksheets Be a better teacher! Hundreds of PDF lesson plans

Crucially, students would need to revisit these sources throughout the unit, fitting their learned content knowledge around the sources, and applying deeper and deeper levels of analysis as the unit continues

You will be able to choose which causes you would like to complete from the list below

I decided to take that the Civil War, focusing on the role of the telegraph, weapons, railroads and ironclads

The Civil War Graphic Organizer 5 W's and How graphic organizer Complements Alabama History  Edit the Civil War (Grades 5-7) review quiz using edHelper's quiz editor tool

British invasions of countries allied with the United States

Schurtz was forced to leave Germany when a revolution he took part in failed

After the War, France and the Vietminh US Involvement by the US; it was meant to destroy N

Be creative and artistic! Your poster should include the following components: Movie title 1 tagline A picture that relates to the topic A release date Acting credits Production credits Rating

The area USH Unit 4 (SSUSH8-10): Manifest Destiny, Civil War's Causes, & Reconstruction (1819-1877) View Homework Help - Copy of Anti-Vietnam War Movement Graphic Organizer

Explain that it provides them with a framework to use while they conduct their research

This short informational text and fill-in organizer teach kids all about this famous ten-sentence speech

• Ask students to select three of their favorite flags and fill  Ask students to fill out the graphic organizer

Time Period: Civil Rights Era and Cold War Culture Women in the 1950s The lives of most women at this time, however, did not resemble this image because of economic and racial barriers

Included in this resource: • Title page • Historical Context and Task Question page • 6 documents ranging on the causes of the Civil War: Slavery, Sectionalism, States’ Rights, Secession • Causes of the Civil War graphic organizer First battle of Civil War

Content-Area Graphic Organizers: Social Studiesis easy to use

Several of the buses were attacked; President Kennedy arranged for US Marshals to protect the riders

Blank copies of the graphic organizers are included at the back of this The American Civil War Unit Sherman’s March to the Sea, Siege of Petersburg – Graphic Notes Organizer #8 Companion to PowerPoint presentation #8 In-Class Note-Taking This Events Leading to the Revolutionary War Organizer Graphic Organizer is suitable for 5th - 12th Grade

The first hardship was minor, just having to buy a pair of boy’s shoes because the blockade meant no women’s shoes were available

March on Washington – 250,000 people marched to to support the Civil Rights movement

The ships to be studied—and the sites to which they should be directed-are as follows (omit the last two if only six groups are used)

Sumter and the start of the Civil War: Also attached is the graphic organizer the students used to navigate through the Civil War-Reconstruction Unit

for ANY fiction piece, including plays, graphic novels, short stories, novels, personal narratives, etc

complete graphic organizers on the causes, problems, and consequences of the

What major events led to the Revolutionary War in the United States? Young historians can use this graphic organizer to list the primary events that helped to spark the revolution, and will include the year and description for each of the events

Click on the Rosa Parks  compare and contrast the paintings and list their findings on the graphic organizer

Check out these Main Idea Graphic Organizers to use as a way for students to organize their ideas as they are reading

Model by writing the dates on your timeline: 1954, 1955, 1963, 1965, and 1968

doc Creating character maps and outlining literary elements (e

Grant, commander of the Union Army, at Appomattox Court Inca, or emperor, when he defeated his brother Huáscar in a civil war in 1532

Students will complete the last page of the graphic organizer, focusing on the dilemma of Berlin Airlift/Berlin Wall Webquest (updated for easier conversion to Google Slides) Unit 1: Civil War Recap and Reconstruction

We will view clips from the film "Gods and Generals," and watch the movie "Glory," which is the true story of Copy of Civil Rights Movement Copy of Paper 3 History of the Americas -Civil Rights Movement Copy of Exemplar AP US History Civil Rights and Cultural History by Decade (1950-1990) 8

• Distribute Flags of the Civil War—4th Grade Lesson—Graphic Organizer

38 Call to Freedom ★ Graphic Chapter 10 Louisiana’s Civil War Era: Crisis and Conflict311 Sarah supported the Confederacy and, like others, described the beginning of the war as exciting

They need to gain knowledge from a wide array of sources and examine reeom ow: The Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi ric rnir 41 TRB Name: _____ Perspectives: Graphic Organizer Instructions: As you prepare your presentation, fill in the row that corresponds to your assigned perspective group

Graphic organizers (thinking maps, sequencing information, categorizing information) can be used as a pre-teaching or post-teaching strategy for introducing or reinforcing key concepts and how they are related

) Step 3: Making Connections about the Effects of the Civil War (Class Time: 50 minutes) Now that students have an understanding of the varied effects of the Civil War, they will move Student Resource: The Battles of the Cold War Jigsaw Page 9 of 11 Battles of the Cold War Jigsaw Cold War in Cuba Fact Sheet Directions: Read the following information about conflict in Cuba

for graphic novels or personal narratives) Civil War Map Activity - Using the Map of the United States during the Civil War you will locate and identify 5 causes of the Civil War

com Graphic Organizer 1 Main Idea Chart (Vertical) Strategies This type of graphic organizer is helpful when you want students to find the main idea of a para-graph or section

6 Compare the differing impact of the Civil War on South Carolinians in each of ample time to examine the images and record on their graphic organizer

Legislation Effect black codes Civil Rights Act of 1866 Fourteenth Amendment Fifteenth Amendment I n the months after the Civil War ended, the nation began to rebuild and reunite

This Civil War Battles Worksheet Graphic Organizer is suitable for 5th - 8th Grade

Graphic Organizer: Make a chart that summarizes the key points of the early plans for Reconstruction the lives of deaf people during the Civil War period? Objectives TLW (the learner will) understand the events that took place in the lives of deaf people during the Civil War period : TLW use a graphic organizer to compare and contrast finger spelling with sign language Longfellow in 1860

Using a graphic organizer and the text of the poem, they will analyze both the meaning of the poem and the story it tells

African Americans in the Civil War: File Size: 3509 kb: File Type: ppt: Download File

Graphic organizers are “visual displays teachers use to detailed type of graphic organizer; Ellis

For four years armies of the An activity to characterize the impact of World War I on women, immigrants, African Americans; as well as the impact of World War 1 on American society including the issuance of bonds, rations, limits on Civil Liberties, the Red Scare, and the Military Draft

2 Interpret the sectional difference between the North and the South in economics, transportation, and population

(Since you can’t answer the ques- Interactive Reader and Study Guide

Northern civilians who rode out to x Accurately research and answer questions about the Causes of the Civil War using an Internet webquest

Technology in the Civil War The English Civil War, Restoration, and Glorious Revolution Graphic Organizer NAME _____ DATE _____ Read the assigned textbook pages and complete the chart below

World History Long before the Civil War, slaves resisted the institution of slavery covert and overtthrough means

Chapter 4-Rubric for Civil War Songs Page 63 Chapter 4 RubricforCivilWarSongpg63

Every chapter in the student edition of the textbook begins with a Foldable that is used as a Study Organizer

" For the activity, students will need two copies of the worksheet

Civil War Document-Based Essay Question Documents, Graphic Organizer, Outline, Essay Question, Rubric FOR GOOGLE CLASSROOM

When slaves fled into Union Army lines during the war, some Union officers accepted them as “contraband


Key Civil War Battles – Graphic Organizer Directions: Around the room are descriptions of the major battles that occurred during the Civil War

Materials Expository text Movie: Watch Glory and take notes on graphic organizer Preparation: Students will be preparing to answer a short answer question analyzing the movie and putting it into historical context Day 11: African American Involvement in the Civil War Causes of the Civil War Graphic Organizer (11-15/18-19) Students will be completing this organizer as we go through the 21 slide power point covering the 5 Causes of the Civil War

It’s used as a sort of skeleton on which the story details will hang

during the Civil War, to heroic Medal of Honor recipients and diverse service men and women of the Second World War, and to the history and traditions of Memorial Day

Graphic Organizers, Guided Readings, & Worksheets Unit 6 into 7 Intro Activity Land Ordinance & Northwest Ordinance Explorers Head West The American System Indian Removal Act & Trail of Tears Trails To The West The Texas Revolution The Mexican American War Wednesday, Feb

His wife, Czarina Alexandra, ran the gov-ernment while he was away

In this Civil War worksheet, students complete the graphic organizer with details about the 8 listed Civil War battles

UN#5 World War I: On the Home Front Textbook Assignment Assignment #1: Read pages 328-333 (Chapter 9, Section 2: “The Home Front”) As you read define following key terms on your UN#5 Key Terms Sheet: Answer the following questions (write in complete sentences) 1

CAUSES OF THE CIVIL WAR WEBQUEST WORKSHEET You will be able to answer some of the questions below based on the work you have already done this week

Study of African Civil War” as the 2011 National Black History Theme

Anti-Vietnam War Movement Graphic Organizer Initial Hypothesis: Based on Download the Conflicting Newspaper Accounts lesson plan (pdf) Overview: This lesson provides the opportunity for students to examine a Civil War battle in depth to document the event, either in a The Civil War Graphic Organizer

Abraham Lincoln presided over the bloodiest war in American history, but it ultimately Source, Worksheet, and Graphic Organizer, available only on desktop and/or tablet

Read the questions and in cases where you don’t know the answer, go to the website provided to find the correct answer

For each battle, complete the information shared in the graphic organizer below

The premise of their party was that slavery was wrong and should be outlawed

pdf page 54 Graphic Organizer--Richard Russell and Carl Vinson

The Big Idea: Conflict and The PDF document for this activity entitled "The Civil War at Sea" contains one-page handouts that include web links and directions for each group

Levittown and Unit 6 Graphic Organizer 3 SS8H7cd: Civil Rights/WWI Early Civil Rights Leaders World War I John Hope • Leader in black community • Pres

Constitution• Rise of Abolitionist Movement• Underground Railroad• Missouri Compromise• Free Soil Party• Compromise of Key Civil War Battles – Graphic Organizer

It includes three separate versions - the first has 6 cause bubbles, the second has 5 cause bubbles, and the third has 4 cause bubbles

Slavery, 1790–1860,” interactive map by Lincoln HW: Graphic Organizer Wednesday: LEQ: What were the the similarities of social movements (Native Americans, Hispanics, women, anti-war protesters) of the 1960s and 1970s? Civil War Unit - Lesson 6 - Civil War Battles - Graphic Organizer Civil War Unit - Lesson 6 - Civil War Battles - Exit Ticket Civil War Unit - Lesson 6 - Gettysburg Clip

10 Chapter 16 The Civil War Chapter Opener with Graphic Organizer

Student Handouts and outcome of 12 major battles or events of the Civil War, including: Fort Sumter, First Battle before the Civil War? Supporting Question Where did enslaved populations grow in the century before the Civil War? Formative Performance Task Complete a graphic organizer comparing the growth of slavery in a region to its geographic features

Match each caption card with the primary source it best matches

pdf American War graphic organizer and check for content accuracy

PSI Graphic Organizer [PDF/20k] Confederacy until the civil rights movement of the 1960’s, would violence against African Americans slow in the region

The 2015 rebroadcast coincided with the Key Civil War Battles – Graphic Organizer Directions: Around the room are descriptions of the major battles that occurred during the Civil War

A movie about the War between the Confederates and the Union

0 KB] Chapter 4-Vocabulary Chart Page 72 Chapter 4 VocabularyChartpg72

Causes of the Civil War graphic organizer Use other graphic organizers to record details (Activity Masters C

For each battle, complete the information found in the graphic organizer below

(Since you can’t an-swer the question in the last column for your assigned perspective, color in that box with a pen A Foldable is a 3-D, student-made, interactive graphic organizer based upon a skill

Created Date: 1/4/2012 3:27:13 AM Use other graphic organizers to record details (Activity Masters C

org to let us know how you are doing on the Smithsonian Institution lesson plans in History, Art, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies

• Copies of SAC Graphic Organizer Plan of Instruction: Note: This activity works best if students have an opportunity to read documents and answer Guiding Questions before starting the SAC

Students can research using Chromebooks or textbooks to fill  Lead a guided reading activity

Other resources to use with this Harriet Tubman: Civil War Spy – Reading Comprehension Worksheet

To help your students analyze these primary sources, get a graphic organizer and guides: The Vietnam War during World War II

The unit standard focuses on Alabama’s role in the ivil War, including reasons for Alabama’s secession from the Union

April 12, 1861 This graphic organizer is designed for students to outline the causes of the American Civil War

pdf: File Size: 5411 kb: File Type: pdf 5 Westward Expansion & Regional Differences 6 National & Sectional Conflict 7 Civil War & Reconstruction 8 Industrial Revolution 9 Gilded Age 10 American Imperialism and Power 11 Discontent and Reform 12 World War I 13 Roaring Twenties 14 Great Depression 15 World War II 16 Postwar America 17 Decades of Change: 1960-1980 18 New Conservatism Civil War and Reconstruction 1846–1896 Confederate soldier’s cap (upper left) and Union soldier’s cap (lower right) General Patrick R

Define the following terms: This text set includes information about many people who participated in the American Revolution, but were often left out of the history books, like African Americans, Native Americans, and women

And, this looks like it’s created with girls in mind, but really, it would beRead More One last article with an easy graphic organizer to fill out: The Battle of Gettysburg Directions for the optional Civil War project are now posted in Edmodo! Questions may be directed to jessica2

Explain that each represents an important moment in the civil rights movement

The fol- #N#Hubert Harrison DBQ Worksheet on the American Civil War

pdf Graphic Organizer 3: Turning Points of the Civil War Instructions: Match the primary source with the appropriate description

Analyze the economic, geographic, religious and political factors that presentation they will use a graphic organizer or "Story Board" - page 41  Individual feedback on students' completed Gathering Evidence graphic organizer (from Lesson 5, including exit ticket)

0) license; materials created by our partners and others are governed by other license agreements

Battle Location Leaders- North and South Notes on the Battle Winner/Significance Fort Sumter

¾ Instruct the group/pair to create a graphic organizer while studying

Civil War Unit - Lesson 6 - Civil War Battles - Graphic Organizer COMPLETED Leaders of the Civil War Project Civil War Unit - Lesson 6 - Civil War Battles - Gallery Walk Stations and Notes Leaders of the Civil War Project Rubric Civil War Unit - Lesson 6 - Civil War Battles - Lesson Plan Civil War Unit - Lesson 6 - Civil War Battles - Graphic position on slavery –Civil War about to erupt

10 May 2019 causes of the civil war graphic organizer - Free download as PDF File (

Freedom Rides – Civil Rights activists rode buses through the South to challenge segregation

27 Apr 2020 Leadership Roles During the Civil War article and role and contribution with the appropriate Civil War leader

Please complete and turn in the Civil War Project Survey Graphic Organizer no later than the start of class period TOMORROW

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools

Lincoln required only 10 percent of the population to take the oath of allegiance to the Union b

In all, around 179,000 African-American men served in the Union Army, and 19,000 in the Navy

The Civil War, the award-winning film produced and directed by Ken Burns, was rebroadcast as a newly restored, high-definition version in September of 2015

Cleburne by Don Troiani As you study Unit 6,you will learn how social, economic, and political dif-ferences between the North and South grew

Texas History Unit 4 Academic Vocabulary 19-20 (11-1-19) • The story of westward expansion involved settlers moving onto land already occupied by Native Americans • The discovery of gold in the West played a pivotal role in westward expansion • Life in the West was very challenging and did not generally live up to the idealized and romantic notions that people sometimes have ascribed to it Fifth Grade Social Studies Magazine: The Civil War Social Studies Textbook: The United States: Making a New Natio n

At the age of thirty-four, he became a Major General during the Civil War

Factor Contributing To An Insurgencies’ Success or Failure The American Revolution (1775-1783) The Philippine-American War (1899-1902) Describe how the war may have been different

Understand the origins and history of Memorial Day and the evolution of its traditions

This graphic organizer is a great way to begin a unit on Sectionalism leading up to the Civil War

▫ RS#09: Thoughtful South seceded from the Union, and the American Civil War began on April 12, 1861

Students should focus on how Lincoln’s plan dealt with the south after the Civil War, focusing on Lincoln’s ideas of forgiveness and desire to reunite the Union

pdf UNIT 7 QUIZ: Quizlet for the Unit 7 quiz GEOGRAPHY OF THE U

Politics Election of 1860 Republican Party Slavery and Violence The Republican Party was a political party formed by people against slavery

South North Compare Slavery States' Rights The Union Tariffs 10 Grade 8 Social Studies: Lear-Long Overview To be producve members of society, students must be crical consumers of informaon they read, hear, and observe and communicate effecvely about their ideas

resources, and more: Civil War Music Teacher's Guide (PDF, 1 MB)

A large number who fought in Vietnam Agent Orange The Vietnam WarNixon due to the f Background French Control - They ruled Vietnam until Japan took control Insurgencies Throughout American History Graphic Organizer With your group members, fill out the column that corresponds to the insurgency assigned to you using appropriate internet or book sources

Civil War, History, Military and Wartime History, Social Studies Print the pdf file off the park website

Civil War Graphic Organizer Level Attachment A: Reading: "Causes, Course, & Effects of the Civil War" Attachment B: Graphic Organizers (Directions) Attachment C: Graphic Organizer (Sectionalism & Causes of the Civil War) Attachment D: Graphic Organizer (Effects of the Civil War) Attachment E: Crossword Puzzles (Vocabulary) Attachment F: Crossword Puzzles (Solutions) All students must complete a Civil War Project Survey Graphic Organizer You MUST survey the 4 possible project choices and check out sources that might help you accomplish one

Complete the individual sections first As you view the video clip, complete the individual sections first, then meet with your group to Graphic Organizers Civil War: Cause and effect graphic organizer (PDF file) Civil War: Time line graphic organizer (PDF file) Civil War: Who, what, where, when, why, and how graphic organizers (PDF file) CAUSES AND EFFECTS OF THE CIVIL WAR 7 Section 2: Instruction This unit consists of five lessons that describe the causes and effects of the Civil War, as well as many important details about the War

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Grades 6-9 Civil War: Cause and effect graphic organizer (PDF file) · Civil War:   Download the Conflicting Newspaper Accounts lesson plan (pdf) Battles featured in The Civil War Series; Video Viewing Graphic Organizer; Battlefront Writing  Dec 7, 2015 - Causes of the Civil War Graphic Organizer Activity • Events Free downloadable map quiz for offline practice (pdf) US States Printable Map

com For chapter 21, you will: Complete "Geography Challenge" Complete vocabulary sheet Complete graphic organizer questions Work collaboratively on events leading to Civil War Read and analyze "A House Divided" Graphic organizer about Civil War weapons and technology

Intro to the Civil War: Long Term Causes • Conflict over slavery in territories • Compromise failure in Congress (i

2 Mar 2020 Establish four stations, one for each page of the Graphic Organizers

” By 1862, the possibility of enlisting “contraband” men as Union army troops and their potential damage to the Feb 01, 2018 · Adheres to Social Studies Common Core Standards - research, application, literacy, vocabulary Differentiation: graphic organizer, cooperative (may work with a partner according to teacher's discretion for graphic organizer and key activity) ★ You can find all of my Civil War lessons and activities HERE! 1

The War of 1812 Which action completes this graphic organizer? A

Key Civil War Battles – Graphic Organizer Directions: Your classmates will present information about the following Civil War battles

In the fifty years following the Civil War, colleges Memorial Day: Honoring Service and Sacrifice

• “Time Trip: Sudan's Civil War” section  RS#08: Graphic Organizer – Corroborating the Evidence